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Video Journalism

Kieran Setuya’s review of Roger Scroton's book, On Human Nature, TES, 28 July 2017, begins by asking Kant's three questions:
What can I know?
What should I do?
What may I hope?
Kant subsumes these into a fourth question by asking: 
What is man?
These inform the production process.
The 54° North Journal Video Bibliothèque is a niche independent producer of short‐form factual content, producing and distributing short‐form digital content for branding, clients and portals. Our original stories, pictures, and videos are delivered hyper locally, regionally and worldwide.
The key mission is publishing video content onto a range of platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, syndication partners and commercial clients. 
We are responsible for ensuring timely delivery is achieved, writing headlines and choosing thumbnails, collating information from our editorial team, managing CMS systems and contributing to the visual look of the video across our channels.
We deliver our content with credibility and creativity to contributors, clients and the industry at large:
· Coordinating all video content delivery across our digital channels and sites, liaising with video platforms and portals such as YouTube, MSN, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook, and Vimeo amongst others. 
· Writing headlines, creating thumbnails, and creating content for our social media pages, whilst constantly monitoring their performance. 
· Collating information and metadata for videos from the editorial team, including headlines, copy, descriptions, credits, keywords, and thumbnails. 
· Assisting with rights management of videos, including takedowns where others use our content without permission. 
· Acting as a key source of knowledge around all our content. 
· Administering of video content, such as archiving content onto internal systems, keeping asset lists, updating checklists, and collating video content lists. 
· Advising on technical aspects of delivery to new portals and clients. 
· Managing YouTube’s and Vimeo’s video publishing platform. 
· Delivering fresh content with Twitter, Hootsuite, Facebook and Facebook business manager tools. 
· Creating social media content throughout the working day, both pro-actively and re-actively. 
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