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Video Journalism

Multimedia Digital Journalism

Photojournalism. Reporting, Filming and Editing. Telling Your Story. Documenting Life.

Creating awareness and promoting the Conwy Horizon Sailing School with a drone.

What we do:
Carrying out in-depth research to a broad brief, with minimal supervision, across hyperlocal, regional, national and around the world.
Writing material new media scripts, bulletins, links, and text.
Undertaking interviewing and reporting duties, both recorded and live situations.
Preparing and presenting content, including assessing incoming copy, sub-editing and deploying online resources.
Producing online audio, photography and video content marketing.
Gathering and preparing audio and video material for use on any service, recognising the distinct requirements of different types of output, shooting and editing routinely as the main focus of the role.
Producing original material for use in New Media; including establishing links to other appropriate websites, and maintaining websites to high standards.
Originating and developing ideas; to assist in forward planning of material for future content.
Provide briefings for journalists, operators and contributors.
Writing material for scripts, bulletins and links, exercising editorial judgement, maintaining professional journalistic standards.
Carrying out duties in following Health and Safety guidelines.
Delivering SEO PR media for high ranking search engine page rankings.

Advertising and Commercial Photography

Digital PR Video Supporting Alderhey Hospital Charity Appeal

Corporate Video Production

Want to tell your story? 
Be seen and heard? 
Require reputation management? 
Need to create awareness and promote your business?
Are you looking for a new approach to communications?
We are a digital communications agency that makes things happen. 
The 54° North Journal Video Bibliothèque uses video advertorials, PR videos and commercial photography in online visual content marketing.
 We also use a range of media strategies to ensure you are seen online.
Contact for multimedia, digital journalism: audio, photography and corporate video production.

Filming a live television broadcast

SEO PR Video Marketing

Multimedia Digital Journalism - Producing digital PR videos, audio and photographic for visual content marketing.

Charity PR Video

Social media is designed for digital journalism. The effective use of content, photography, video and analytics creates a powerful resource. With good research and the effective use of digital PR tools, journalism transforms your digital footprint. 
The 54° North Journal Video Bibliothèque has extensive tools that may be exploited for curation, aggregation, and multimedia videos for content marketing.  
The aim is to promote and develop a unique audio, photography, video business campaigns with high-quality SEO-PR content. 

A digital communications agency and video production company.

Charity PR Videos

Contact now for excellence and value-added Digital PR services that have made a difference.

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