The plan was to complete the three-hundred-mile journey to Skellig Michael in one leg. Wisely, and luckily, Baltimore and Cape Clear Island influenced the skipper's decision-making.
Skellig Michael on the Wild Atlantic Way. Here is the link to the Star Wars version:

From another perspective, it is important to review British imperialism and its consequences in Ireland:
Here is a contemporary political viewpoint:
How many British people understand their neighbour's history and perspective?
After venturing along the west coast, the yacht became stormbound in Dingle for four days. However, the resourceful crew booked a trip on Mousie's Tour of the Dingle Peninsula.
Try this link to the Dingle Hospital History pdf:
The Dingle Workhouse graveyard sits on the hill overlooking the town.

Tourism is an important service industry in Dingle.

Irish history and culture were the focus of the crews' interest. They all achieved greater insights and understanding through participating in this trip.
Check out the guided tour of the 58', 19-ton, 1936 classic yacht Overlord. She was built in Germany to train Luftwaffe in navigation. After the second world war, the British Army took her as war booty. 
After being sold privately, the Offshore Cruising Club bought the yacht. 
The OCC is an RYA-affiliated sailing club. It maintains the yacht and delivers an extensive sailing program for members. 

Here is part of the coast where the last of the Spanish Armada was blown onto a brutal lee shore.

Looking west from Dingle Peninsula is a millionaire's secluded island that stands in great contrast to the wealth of the local inhabitants. 

A graveyard headstone at Dingle Workhouse.

Cape Clear Island, West Cork, in southwest Ireland faces the Atlantic Ocean and the Fastnet rock is just offshore. It is the home of the Irish Language.
Piracy has always been part of life on the remote coastline. In history, the O'Driscolls have had a significant part in the local narrative. 
Overlord was in Baltimore on the longest day, the 21st of June on the anniversary of the pirates' raid that carried way over one hundred citizens into white slavery in North Africa.
For a superb explanation of this visit Baltimore Castle and buy Bernie's book.

A view of West Cork and approaching Baltimore at dawn after an overnight sail from Plymouth in fresh winds and with 3.6m swells.

The Dingle Workhouse cemetery is on a hill overlooking the town. 

The driver and motivation for the crew was their strong interest in the Irish lifestyle and its culture. 
How many pubs are there in Dingle?

Whilst seeking shelter from the frontal systems, high swells, and strong winds the crew walked around the coastal footpaths in fine weather.

Fabian on Cape Clear Island. To the southwest of this feature is the Fastnet rock and behind is Roaring Water Bay, How did it get this name?

After a momentous voyage from Plymouth Overlord entered Baltimore Harbour early in the morning and anchored off the town in calm conditions.

Cape Clear Island is an Irish-speaking community to the west of Baltimore and is serviced by a regular ferry service. There is excellent walking and superb views to experience, Plus, of course, this is Ireland, superb pubs for drinking and dining.

How many chords make up a typical song?

Traditional music at O'Flahery's Bar was a big hit with the crew.

The ferry on the dockside preparing to depart for the short crossing to the island.

June 21st, the anniversary of the raid on Baltimore by pirates.

The Clear Island ferry approaching Baltimore harbour.

The awesome interior of the church in Dingle.

Another viewpoint of the Dingle Famine graveyard.

Jonathan taking a rest after walking the entire length and breadth of Cape Clear Island.

Sunset over Baltimore Harbour on the longest day.

Mossie singing. Roberta enjoys the tune. Was it Irish?

Give Mossie's Tour a call or check out his website -Facebook page if you are stuck in rain and wondering what to do in Dingle. Here is the man leading the tour. 10/10 Well done to a top man and great guiding service.

After another hard day in the office, the First Mate, Eddy Jackson, reflects on the local panorama.

What is your history perpsective for 1588?

How would you like to live in this stone roundhouse? 
What living conditions and daily routines took place here? 
Any ideas on the life expectancy during this epoch?

Looking west. 
Can you imagine being on the western seaboard and the Irish coast lee shore in winter storms? 
What size swells and wind strengths?

In this field above Dingle are the remains of victims of the great Irish famine who perished at the Workhouse.
At this place, on a merciless coast, the last of the Spanish Armada ships were driven ashore.

If you are in Baltimore, take the ferry to Cape Clear Island for a momentous day out, Check out the above video for a short tour synopsis. Enjoy!

The Met Office chart shows the weather systems that Overlord encountered during the longest day.

The ring is inscribed with an ancient Celtic Ogham script that was used on local tribal graves 3,000 B.C.
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